Hello (♫ it's me),Tomislav - Digital Product Designer.

I'm a hyper-organized artist & a problem solver.
I tell your story. I make your products work.

Also - UX UI designer, Speaker, Entrepreneur, Stand Up Comedian,
Freelancer, World Traveler, Biker, Gamer, No Bullshit Bro
and some other buzz words as well...

A bit about me

With over 10 years of freelancing experience, I've been involved in all types of projects. I started out in print and transitioned to web where I kicked some serious HTML and CSS butt for some time. As smart phones came to play I switched my focus to mobile apps, and latley I've been working on B2B and SaaS web and mobile apps and managing digital products as a User Experience designer and creative team lead.

As a part of Toptal community in the last three years I had an opportunity to work with clients from all over the world on challenging and interesting projects and products.

Being a freelancer gives me the chance to give talks, lectures and workshops while I travel. I enjoy work and travel lifestyle of a digital nomad; I teach and share my experience whenever and wherever I have a chance.

I enjoy building communities as much as teaching. I have co-founded Secret Project - Tech Brokers Guild, as well as NSFW UX Guys. I've formed the biggest Croatian network of Web designers "Web Designers Croatia"(3000+ members) where I organize regular web design and Dribbble meetups and give talks on variety of subjects.

When it comes to work, I look for interesting projects that will employ my problem solving skills, which I can take from idea to a finished product. If I work with a team, mutualy inspiring atmosphere and positive attitude is a priority.

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A lot of work I produce is under NDA. Feel free to contact me for aditional examples and details.

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My Service is the "From Start to Finish" Design Process*


Through user interviews and polls I will identify user's thought process and desired reactions toward each task flow segment of the product.


With pen and paper as my primaty tool I will visually communicate abstract concepts with users and team members to generate feedback.


I practice clean and simple design with clear communication with the user, and this is the stage where every part of the product becomes beautyful.


As project evolves I create visual up-to-date document with design desicions to steamline communication with product development team.

*There is so much more to this, so feel free to contact me for more details on how I work and to find out more about my process.


  • Life of full-time Freelancer

    What is it actually like to work for your self? The truth.

  • Your designer is NOT your slut!

    It's about how product managers and developers perceive their designer or design team - and why is it wrong.


    How porn industry shaped and advanced development of technology trough history, and how porn sites adapt their design to better tailor user experience of their members.

  • Being both Ninja & Rock Star

    Should designers code, and pros and cons of being a designer that knows to code.


  • Thinking as a user

    Course for user centricity. Putting your self into average user shoes, understanding and sloving problems and translating data into actionable design.

  • Design Sprints & Rapid Prototyping

    Using pen and paper and gathering early feedback from tests.

  • From Prototype to Finished Assets

    Entire design process. From idea, sketch, to finished assets and developer documentation. Including working with POP, Sketch, Zeplin and Photoshop.

Organizing a conference? And would like me to give one of my talks, do a workshop or prepare a new one with strong emphasis on freelancing, UX design, product design, experience in the industry? Let me know - I am looking forward to speaking opportunities.

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